DataClassroom allows teachers of grades 6-12 to grow data intuition in students


Do Science.

Teach Data Skills. 

On a mission to teach
data skills and
hypothesis testing in K-12.

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DataClassroom was built for teachers to inspire real understanding through visualization, interaction and teamwork

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DataClassroom lets kids in grades 6-12 engage with data and builds foundational skills for analysis and interpretation.




 What teachers are saying…

Data analysis now becomes the exciting part of the day!
— Fred Hingst, AP Bio teacher, Michigan
The animations really brought the statistics alive for me.
— Kathy Richardson, High School Biology Teacher, Virginia
DataClassroom walks students through the process step by step, giving definitions and explanations along the way.
— June Rasmussen, Middle School Science Teacher, Tennessee
Students become more secure with their data skills and their confidence increases ... it changes everything.
— Biology teacher, Michigan

 What students are saying….

Beautiful layout and design
Very good interactive learning
Attentive to detail and very user friendly
It has sparked my curiosity in statistics
Stress-free to work with
Easy to enter data, attractive graphs
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Professional Development 

On site

We know that a good educational tool becomes  exponentially more powerful in the hands of a good teacher. DataClassroom can provide professional development sessions that will help your teachers integrate data skills, statistics and hypothesis testing into their existing science curriculum.


Video Conferencing

We offer live webinars on teaching data skills through experimentation as well as video conference follow ups to our on site PD. 


DataClassroom is a web app that allows teachers of grades 6-12 to grow data intuition in students.

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Our Mission

Data skills are key to solving the biggest problems of tomorrow. DataClassroom exists to help students understand both those problems and how to unlock their solutions.

As data becomes an increasingly valuable resource across all fields, the teaching of data skills is becoming increasingly important for middle and high school classrooms. At the same time, as educators, we recognize that the best part of a science education will always be hands-on labs and authentic experimentation. DataClassroom provides teachers the opportunity to integrate next generation data-skills seamlessly with the learning experiences they are already creating.



Get DataClassroom

DataClassroom is available with a free trial (no card required) so you can see what it can do for you and your students.

Home, Teacher and School licenses available.

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Book an online demo with the creator of DataClassroom, Aaron Reedy. He’d love to show you what DataClassroom can do!


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