You know it's important for students to be able to read graphs.

We want to make it fun to create graphs so that students want to read graphs.


Clear and visually appealing

…that’s what you want, right?

We have focused on making graphing easy to do, and with a look students can't wait to paste into that lab report. No more fighting with spreadsheet tools that weren't built for kids in classrooms.

Students have full control over colors, font sizes, point appearance so they can think about how visuals affect the way that information is conveyed.


Rapid analytics

Our graphing tool is designed to put the right tools in front of your students, so they can play with their data and learn familiarity with graphing concepts.


Learning by doing

Let’s face it, there are some tricky concepts for your students to get their heads around. Like data types.

Meet that head-on with a graphing tool that incorporates data typing. Students can quickly see for themselves what it means for a variable to be numeric or categorical, and how it affects their visualization possibilities.

Build intuition through interaction.