Conclude / Communicate

Students need to communicate their newly-discovered knowledge to the world.

Let’s make sure the road ahead is clear.


Lab Notebook

3rd May 2019

Research question

The research question chosen was: "Is there a difference between the body weight of the beetles in years with and without snow?"

Choice of statistical test

A T-test was chosen. This type of analysis is suitable for.....


Integrated lab notebook

We integrated an automatically-filled lab notebook into the tool, which both provides the student with the appropriate vocabulary for their reports, and shows how information could be structured.


Make the practical stuff easy

Students need to make lab reports, turn in assignments, and so on. Make it easy to get data in and out of the tool, so they spend their time productively. They can both:

  • Export graphs as images for pasting into documents
  • Export a complete document, which they can build upon or include in their work

Integration with Google Classroom

If you use Google ClassroomTM, your students can turn in an assignment directly from the tool.